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TC130 Structure

TC130 Working Groups and their Projects

WG1 – Terminology

WG2 – Prepress data exchange*

ISO 18620

     Task Forces

     WG2/TF1 – TIFF/IT*

     WG2/TF2 – PDF/X*

ISO 19593

     WG2/TF3 – PDF/VT*
ISO 16613-1

     WG2/TF4 – XMP*

WG3 – Process control and related metrology

WG4 – Media and materials

WG5 – Ergonomics – Safety*

WG11 – Environmental impact of graphics technology*

WG12 – Postpress

WG13 – Printing conformity assessment requirements

     Task Force

     TF3 – Workflow standards roadmap

Joint working groups with TC130 lead

JWG7 – Colour Management (with ICC)*

JWG8 – Development of ISO 13655 (TC42)*

JWG9 – Development of ISO 12640-5 (TC42)*

JWG10 – Management security printing processes (TC247)

JWG14 – Print quality measurement methods (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC28)

JWG15 - Development of environmental standards related to e-media


*Administered by NPES