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CGATS Subcommittees & Their Activities

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies supports and administers CGATS activities. For more information contact the NPES Standards Department.

Subcommittee 3 (Metrology and Process Control)

Scope: To develop standards for the measurement of optical characteristics (e.g., densitometry, colorimetry, etc.) of graphic arts images and materials, as well as standards that support the application of printing process control (e.g., process definition, characterization, analysis, control tools, etc.).  SC3 also reviews other national and international work in the area of densitometry, metrology and process control that may impact graphic arts, and provides comments when appropriate.  SC3 also functions as an advisory task force to the US TAG to ISO TC 130 in this subject area, and maintains interaction with other U.S. and international organizations in this area.

The following committees are in stand-by mode and will be reactivated for periodic maintenance of standards.


Subcommittee 5 (Materials Handling)

Scope: To identify needs relating to handling of materials used in, or produced by, the printing process.  Where needs are not currently being met, SC5 will work through the ANSI consensus process to develop, or cooperate in the development of, consensus standards.  Wherever appropriate, approved national and international standards will be utilized.

Subcommittee 6 (Digital Data Definition and Exchange)

Scope: To develop standards for the exchange of digital data for printing. These data can be either content data and/or non-content data related to the content of the finished product. Where appropriate, this work will be done in cooperation with ISO TC 130.

Working Group I (PDF/X)

Scope: To develop a set of standards to be used for the electronic exchange of files using Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). This work was done in cooperation with ISO TC130 WG2/TF2, and resulted in a set of ANSI/ISO standards.

Working Group 2 (Variable Data Exchange)

Scope: To develop a standard relating to the creation and exchange of documents that combine both database information and variable content. The standard defines the use of content from current design applications and variable information from common database applications. 

Working Group 3 (Diecutting Data IT8.6)

Scope: To maintain IT8.6, Graphic technology - Prepress digital data exchange - Diecutting data (DDES3). First issued in 1991 and revised in 2002, this standard establishes a data exchange format to enable transfer of numerical control information between diecutting systems and electronic prepress systems.

Subcommittee 9 (Packaging)

Scope: To develop standards relating to packaging, including workflow, color characterization, and relationships between participants in the package design and production process.

Working Group 1 (Electronic Design Workflow for Packaging)

Scope: To develop standard industry practices that encompass the entire packaging workflow, regardless of printing process. This includes the identification of a model, or reference, workflow for the package development process, from the identification of a project through preparation of an approved production file. Although the work defines the set of information that needs to be addressed in a workflow, it allows for variations based on individual needs, and is intended to be used as a reference in the creation of workflow procedures for specific organizations or products.

Working Group 2 (Ink and Color Characterization for Packaging)

Scope: To focus on the development of a procedure to characterize package printing of standard and non-standard process colors, and attempt to define reference conditions applicable to ranges of package printing. This includes the development of standardized color targets, as well as other tools and guidelines.


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