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Government Affairs Priorities

A Vital and Sustainable U.S. Postal System

NPES is a leader in working with numerous other constituencies to insure that the U.S. Postal System remains a vital, dependable and sustainable element in the communications network and economy of the United States.

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Favorable Capital Investment Policy

NPES is a strong proponent of capital investment as an engine of a vibrant national economy, and advocates policies that provide access to capital financing, expensing and rapid depreciation of printing, publishing and converting technologies.

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Business-Friendly Tax Policy

NPES supports business-friendly tax policy that recognizes the vital role that both large corporations and small businesses play in providing jobs for millions of Americans. To this end, NPES opposes tax increases on businesses and supports repealing or significantly reducing the Estate Tax, as many small businesses are family owned enterprises that pay taxes under individual income tax rules.

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Equitable and Affordable Health Care

NPES supports reducing health care costs, thereby minimizing the burden on the nation's economy as well as on employers who provide health care insurance to their employees. NPES also supports allowing employers the maximum amount of flexibility to provide such benefits as part of employee compensation.

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Free, Fair International Trade

NPES strongly supports free, fair international trade and policies that provide a level playing field for association members’ products and services in global markets.

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Lawful Protection of Intellectual Property

NPES recognizes the value of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and is committed to lawfully protecting intellectual property, combating product piracy, and ending abusive "patent trolling."

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Responsible Environmental Policy

NPES believes that all Americans benefit from a clean environment and from the products and services produced by our nation's industries. NPES also believes that through enlightened leadership and stewardship these goals can be mutually reinforcing and simultaneously attainable.

Equitable Rules of Liability for Product-Related Injuries

NPES strongly supports rapid, fair and adequate compensation for product-related injuries, and efforts to make more uniform and equitable the rules of liability for such harms.

Education & Workforce Issues

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Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy

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