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World-wide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry

NPES, 2014

Research conducted by:
The Economist Intelligence Unit

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Building upon a previous 2006 study, this in-depth study provides global and regional trends across the printing industry, including an assessment of the market size for 51 of the largest markets around the world. Provided to all NPES and PRIMIR member companies, this study delivers a macroeconomic analysis for the global printing industry as well as by country, validates existing data from previous work done in 2006 and 2009 that sizes the print market, print products, and equipment, consumables and substrates by country and provides trends, data and analysis through the next five years.

Watch this exclusive video preview with Ralph Nappi, President, NPES and David Humphreys, Director, Americas, Economist Intelligence Unit-Custom Research.

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