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Service to U.S. Printers: Trends and Outlook

APTech/PRIMIR, 2018

Research conducted by:
NAPCO Research

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Print sector customers are running their operations with a sharper business focus and as a result, have a heightened awareness of bottom line profitability. Because of this, they are increasingly reluctant to enlist outside services that may increase costs, without a demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI) or another quantifiable benefit measure. In break-fix service, customers are finding ways to get more out of their equipment before buying new and in day-to-day operations, customers are relying on industry experts to help increase productivity, reduce waste, and grow their bottom line. This changing service marketplace is generating increased demand for print services, but also placing increased requirements on print service suppliers to deliver results. Print industry service suppliers are exploring cost competitive models that can demonstrate to customers the ways they can bring increased productivity, reduced waste, and positive returns; in short, show the value their services provide and the impact they will have on print customers’ business and bottom line.

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