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Megatrends in Printing Applications: A Refresh and Expansion of the 2010 Study Data and Future Outlook

PRIMIR, 2017

Research conducted by:
I.T. Strategies

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In 2010, PRIMIR published a study “Megatrends in Digital Printing Applications.”  That study established a baseline for whether and when analog (traditional) printing might “tip” to digital printing and/or electronic format.  Forecasts and tipping points were presented by print application.  Key change areas investigated were technology, market, economic and regulatory.  As digital printing technology continues to mature with more capable equipment, new innovations and lower capital and operating costs, it will continue to impact traditional print technologies and the traditional print value chain.  This study is a reexamination of the 2010 study, by expanding beyond digital to include all print and expanding the time horizon to 2007, before the 2008-2009 recession, and projecting out to 2020 to provide a comprehensive view of prints past, present and future for North America (U.S. and Canada) and Worldwide.  The report identifies and quantifies the continuing decline in total page volume, the changing composition of print and the co-existence of both analog and digital print technologies.

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