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Digital Printing Technology’s Influence on the U.S. In-Plant Printing Market

PRIMIR, 2016

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Growth in digital printing technology has not only had a big impact on how traditional print service providers produce products, but it also provides an opportunity for corporations, brand owners and manufacturers to quickly and inexpensively produce some printed materials in-house.  This study investigates this market and provides insights into opportunities for traditional manufacturers of equipment and supplies.  It also investigates their equipment decision process including how they purchase their digital printing and finishing equipment, types of products produced (and what is printed in-house vs. outsourced), installed base and more.  The print customer landscape is constantly changing.  What impact will these changes have on the utilization of their products and services, and possible changes in their customer base.  Has there been a resurgence of in-plants, if so, why, and what are the impacts to the equipment and supplies manufacturers as well as the printer community?  This study provides data on the current state of in-plants in the U.S. and utilization of digital printing.

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