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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the research topics selected?

There is a multi-faceted process for selecting research topics. Since NPES provides over half of the funds for research, annually we survey both members of PRIMIR and NPES for topics for market research studies. The PRIMIR Executive Committee will compile a list based on that input and send it back out to PRIMIR and NPES members for ranking. Based on the rankings, a proposed roster of topics will be identified for funding. The PRIMIR Executive Committee will determine which studies are distributed to the NPES membership based on the level of NPES financial support.

Isn't PRIMIR only a vendor organization?

Over the years many have said “Oh, but you’re a supplier organization.” Not at all. While it’s true that 2/3 of the PRIMIR membership is comprised of manufacturers of equipment, consumables and supplies, the membership is also open to printers, trade shops, etc. Because PRIMIR has such a diverse audience of members, each research report contains a chapter entitled “Implications for PRIMIR Members.” This chapter is the heart of every study where the consultant relates his/her key findings to implications (challenges or opportunities) for each of the PRIMIR industry segments – printer, paper, ink/chemicals, equipment, presses, supplies, etc. And, that can get interesting...for example, the results might pose an opportunity for a printer that translates to a challenge for a manufacturer.

The information and insight that my involvement in GAMIS has provided our company has been invaluable. It has afforded us an understanding of the graphic arts industry outside the confines of just our market, influencing many strategic and vital decisions regarding equipment purchases and the marketing of our products and services. Our investment has paid off a hundred-fold.

VP of Operations, Medium-Size Print Firm

In addition, since not everyone is inclined to wade through a 200-page report to find out what they need to know, every report also includes a comprehensive Executive Summary of all the key findings of the research.

Fine, I get a report. What other research support does PRIMIR provide?

PRIMIR provides more than just the published report. Immediately following the completion of each and every study, the research team is invited to present their findings at a regularly scheduled PRIMIR meeting. This is where members get the opportunity to pick at the data, query how a consultant reached a certain conclusion, get expanded information on details that may have been summarized in the written report, etc. And, if the report is really relevant to a particular member company’s operations, they can arrange for the consultant to do an additional presentation for their employees.

That sounds good, but PRIMIR seems pretty pricey to me...

There’s a lot more to PRIMIR than meets the eye. Sure some have said PRIMIR dues are pricey . . . but members say “it’s a real bargain.” If you’ve ever hired an outside consultant to come in and do research for you, you know the true costs of good research. You may spend $25-50,000 for one bit of research. With PRIMIR your dues are on a graduated scale depending upon your sales volume and you get numerous major research studies in return. In fact PRIMIR spends over $400,000 per year for research studies for its members. There aren’t too many places today where you can get that kind of return on your investment – not to mention the return you’ll get once you’ve put that research to work planning for the future needs of the company.

Plus if you are a current member of NPES, you’ll enjoy significant savings on your PRIMIR dues.

I need more than just a research study. How do I contact the people who face the same problems I do?

Yes, research is the primary focal point for PRIMIR, however, that comes in many fashions. At each PRIMIR Meeting there’s the opportunity to network with peers who have the same interests as you but often are looking at the industry from an entirely different perspective. It’s the sharing of these different perspectives that makes the network so valuable.

No one can be an expert on everything, PRIMIR gives you access to other people’s expertise. Through their network of people and their information-packed reports, PRIMIR keeps you up-to-date on what’s hot in areas that you may not normally follow, but that may affect you in the future. PRIMIR is a priceless tool for anyone in the graphic arts industry.

Research Manager, Major Ink Manufacturer

Printers get to see how manufacturers grapple with changing technology and markets, and vice versa. They get to learn each other’s issues surrounding a particular topic. And most of all they form a life-long network of individuals from around the industry – people to call when questions are asked and answers are needed about a topic that’s outside their area of expertise.

The networking is invaluable. When asked to provide a position on a trend, technology or market, I can source the PRIMIR network, which generally carries additional weight with my management.

Professionally, I have had access to members in companies dealing beyond the prepress arena, expanding my scope of contacts and providing me with a better understanding of the industry at large.

Market Research Manager, Prepress Supplies Manufacturer

I'm not a trained market researcher. How will I understand what's going on?

So you say you’re not a trained market researcher...but your job demands that you perform market research functions and analysis from time-to-time. Well, being involved in the PRIMIR task force process and/or managing a research study through to completion, is a wonderful learning process. One can be as involved as they want to be in a particular study. One can learn by doing. And, on a regular basis PRIMIR holds mini-workshops to help members stay abreast of research tools and trends. The topics vary, such as the various research methodologies, best methodology for an application, statistically accurate sampling, etc.

The thing I like about PRIMIR market research is that it’s designed and managed by the PRIMIR members themselves. That means we get exactly what we want. There’s hardly been a report that hasn’t helped us improve our market targeting.

Manager, Strategic Planning & Analysis, global paper manufacturer

Finally, who better to summarize PRIMIR than a long-time member...

PRIMIR uniquely offers my company quality market research and statistics, outstanding print and related industry contacts, unparalleled educational information regarding the communication industry, and an opportunity to refine research skills and techniques. It is an essential organization that offers tremendous value to marketers in today’s dynamic environment.

Marketing Manager, A Global Forest Products Corporation