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APT Store

NPES Store

Want to register for an APT event, buy a publication or simply need to update your contact information? This is all taken care of within the APT Store. To get you started, here are a few helpful tips:

Most APT members already have a user name to log in to the APT Store.

Through the APT Store you can:

  • Register for APT and PRIMIR current events
  • Order PRIMIR Research Studies
  • Purchase U.S. and International Standards including:
    • U.S. Safety Standards (B65) for printing press, bindery, platen press, ink making and other printing equipment and systems
    • U.S. Technical Standards (CGATS and IT8) for the printing, publishing and converting technologies industry
    • International Standards (ISO and IEC) relating to the graphic arts
    • U.S. National Adoptions of International Standards at a reduced price

    (* APT members receive a 10% discount off the regular price of Standards)

APT members can use the ‘My Account’ section to:

  • Update their contact information: title, address, email, phone, fax
  • Indicate special needs for participation at APT/PRIMIR events
  • Download digital Standards publications purchased through the website
  • Manage credit card information on file
  • View a purchase history of their online orders

For more information about the APT Store contact Jesus Romero, Director, Database and Technology, at phone: 703/264-7200 or e-mail: