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Calendar of Events

ICC Meeting

June 27-29
Prague, Czech Republic

ICC Graphic Arts Experts' Day

June 29
Prague, Czech Republic
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NPES Trade Mission to Indonesia, FGD EXPO 2017 and NPES Booth, NPES PrintPack Outlook Conference

August 24-27
Jakarta, Indonesia
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September 10
Chicago, Illinois
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September 10-14
Chicago, Illinois
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PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL, International Packaging and Printing Exhibition for Asia

September 20-23
Bangkok, Thailand


September 26-28
Dayton, Ohio

ICC Meeting

October 11-12
Toronto, Canada

NPES Annual Conference

October 15-18
Scottsdale, AZ

TC130/WG5 (Safety/Ergonomics)

October 23-26
Tel Aviv, Israel

IPEX 2017

October 31-November 3
Birmingham, UK

TC130 Meeting

December 4-9
Surakarta, Indonesia

PAMEX 2017, NPES Booth and Print Business Outlook Conference

December 18-21
Mumbai, India

ICC Meeting

February 26-27, 2018
Munich, Germany

ICC Meeting

May 30-31, 2018
Boston, MA