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Overview of the NPES Market Data Program

Since 1957, the NPES Market Data Program has been collecting shipments data on the printing and publish­ing industry. The program is free, legally monitored and highly confidential. The program has evolved over the years to encompass several different elements with varying levels of accuracy and relevancy.

  • The “traditional printing equipment” program details and aggregates monthly dollar and unit shipments data and today collects nearly 80% of the dollar volume of printing equipment. Primary areas of interest include: Imaging/Prepress, Systems and Software, Pressroom Equipment, Bindery/Finishing. The geographic scope of this program is the U.S. market.
  • The “traditional graphic arts supplies” program was initiated in 1980 and today collects approximately 90% of the dollar volume of supplies and consumable products sold into the industry. This program aggregates monthly dollar and square feet shipments data. Primary areas of interest include: Film, Proofing and Plates. The geographic scope of this program is the U.S. market.
There are 80 key industry product categories comprising the two market data program elements above.

NPES conducts this data collection effort through an independent consulting firm to ensure the confidentiality of participating members. To further safeguard and maintain confidentiality of the participants in the program, NPES and its legal counsel have incorporated strict Disclosure Guidelines to protect individual company data. At no time does NPES or its members have access to individual company data or market share information. Furthermore, strict adherence to government antitrust guidelines makes it possible for competitors to work together in a legal forum.

Participating member companies provide monthly shipment information to an independent consulting firm. The data is then aggregated and in return, participating companies receive detailed quarterly reports and a comprehensive year-end report. These reports are made available only to active NPES member participants.

Participation is open to any active NPES member at no cost. NPES provides this service as a part of your membership.

**The “digital program” is a new program element that collects unit data for production color digital presses. The geographic scope of this program is global. This program is believed to capture virtually 100% of the U.S. market for these products. This program is also governed by the same policies and disclosure guidelines described above. A complete description of this program can be sent upon request.

For more information on participating in the NPES Market Data Program, please complete the Request Information form or send us a message send us a message.