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NPES Market Data Program Disclosure Guidelines

How NPES Ensures the Confidentiality of Your Data

An independent consulting firm administers the NPES Market Data Program with the authorization of the NPES Board of Directors. The information below will acquaint you with the Program and the independent consulting firm's role in this program.

The Market Data Program is comprised of a report on shipments data for nearly 80 key industry product categories in Imaging/Prepress, Pressroom Equipment, Bindery/Finishing, Systems and Software, and Graphic Arts Supplies.

The independent consulting firm's role is that of an independent third party acting in the capacity of a confidential agent with respect to information that is collected and tabulated. The independent consulting firm is aware and sensitive to your concerns over confidentiality of your company’s data. Accordingly, the following procedures are applicable to this program in order to ensure maximum confidentiality of individual company data.

Only personnel directly assigned to this project at the independent consulting firm will have access to individual company data.

  • Participating companies and NPES will not have access to any individual company data. Data is submitted directly to the independent consulting firm and will not be shared with anyone outside of the firm.

  • Only participating companies and NPES receive copies of the quarterly and the comprehensive year-end reports. These reports are not distributed or shared with anyone outside of NPES or with any member company not participating in the Market Data Program.

The following disclosure guidelines are strictly adhered to in compiling all data:

  • If fewer than three (3) companies report on a line item, that data will not be disclosed in the quarterly report and will be so noted with an asterisk (*).

  • If three companies report on a line item and one company represents 50% or more of the total reported, that data will not be disclosed.

  • If four or more companies report on a line item and one company represents 80% or more of the total reported, that data will not be disclosed. 

NPES, with approval from the NPES Legal Counsel, established these disclosure guidelines to promote responsible dissemination of confidential market data. While understanding the growing need for detailed and accurate data, NPES and the independent consulting firm are strongly committed to the founding principle of the Market Data Program – CONFIDENTIALITY.

Furthermore, strict adherence to government antitrust guidelines makes it possible for competitors to work together in a legal forum.